“Written by Jonathan Reichman – our Account Manager & Executive Recruiter.”

Jonathan from Advanced Care this week is bringing you an inside peek into how an RN’s dream may be just around the corner. Often in the recruitment world, there are open positions, and available nurses. The system is simple: search for an RN meeting the qualifications and get him/her the next job he/she is searching for. Now, it is easy when a nurse is actively on the job market, when things have gotten to the point that he/she needs to be very proactive in order to secure a new employment immediately. The secret of recruitment is that while there may be qualified candidates actively searching, there are many qualified nurses who equally feel the need to find a new job- they just don’t know all the possible ways to make themselves visible.

This is where our team of recruiters comes in. We know when a good job comes in, and we know there are very good nurses out there who would be interested, but just don’t know how to tell us. We use various external and internal tools available to find RN’s that have at some point in the last few years done some action that has gotten them noticed. Many RN’s work very hard and just don’t have the time to be the one doing all the work to find a new job, so we come in to soften and ease in the process of transition.
I have had the privilege of working with many RN’s that were desperately searching for a better job, but had not gotten noticed, and therefore had been having a hard time finding a new opportunity. Here at Advanced Care, we try and seek out the RN’s that do not know how to find the best jobs, in addition to the ones that seem to know all the tips and tricks.

If you are interested in finding a better job, whether it is a better salary, benefits for you and your family, or just a better shift so that you can maximize your day, let us do most of the work and take that additional pressure off your shoulders, and carry it onto our own. Send us your resume and we will do the rest, and we will remember you for years to come.