“By Laura Goldman – Executive Recruiter at Advanced Care Placement Services.”

Your resume forms the first impression a hiring manager makes of you. Just as you would always take care to arrive for an interview in your best interview outfit, clean and pressed, you want to make sure that your professional profile arrives on the hiring manager’s desk in the Word version of a tailored Armani suit.

Here are six simple steps to highlight your skills and accomplishments:

1) Keep it simple! If possible try and keep it to 2 pages max.

2) Objective – this is a great place to state the type of position you are looking for. Always frame your objective in a manner that shows what you can do for the company. Alternatively, use this space for your skillset (your skillset can also go in your cover letter).

3) DO tailor your objective and, to a lesser extent, your job descriptions, to the position being offered. By tailoring your job descriptions I mean enhancing those tasks that you performed that are relevant to the position being offered.

4) DO ask a friend to look it over! A friend will often catch the little mistakes that we overlook.

5) Keep it updated! Once you begin a new position, just add it to the top of your experience. Add in your bullets from the job description – you will easily be able to edit it later on as you blossom in to your new position.

6) Call Advanced Care today! My colleagues and I are resume artists. We undergo special training so that we can identify the position that is right for you – taking into account your interests, experience, and geographic and salary requirements. Once we identify the next step in your career path, we will take your resume and polish it until it shines prior to sending it to the hiring manager.